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An army of volunteers

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THIS week has been national Volunteer's Week and as part of our Golden Years campaign to Oral Steroids Poison Oak highlight the achievements and issues of the older generation JAMES MARSTON meets volunteers determined to do their bit for others.

TODAY there is a small army at work, running on reserves of generosity.

In homes, offices, charities and shops across Britain, they quietly toil to keep the community services we know and love alive.

Based on the average national wage, the help of such volunteers is worth over 40 billion in England and Wales every year. Recent figures tell us 22 million people in England give up their time for charities and other organisations and it's estimated more than half of us volunteer at some point in our lives.

This week people are being encouraged in to get their dose of "vitamin R" during Volunteers' Week.

Justin Davis Smith, Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) deputy chief executive of Volunteering England, the national development agency promoting volunteering, said: "The R stands for "risk", which is an essential ingredient of a successful volunteering experience.

"Volunteers Week presents the perfect opportunity for people to reach beyond their comfort zone and boost their confidence and skills through exposure to new experiences.

"I would urge everyone in the East of England to get a vitamin R boost this Volunteers' Week and Primobolan 1ml try out a new volunteering activity. Whether the challenge be physical, emotional or intellectual, we can all gain by trying something new in the knowledge that not only are we contributing to the community but also helping our own personal development at the same time."

At Age Concern Suffolk, Wendy Herber, volunteering development manager, coordinates the efforts of the charity's 750 strong team of volunteers across the county.

She said: "We like to make sure that our volunteers are matched with the job Masteron For Athletes that suits "Oxandrolone Powder India" their skills and talents. Whatever they want to do and whatever Comprar Levitra time they have to give us, we find something for them."

Wendy said volunteers often find benefits from the experience.

She added: "We often see people change. They gain confidence ands move into new roles. Volunteering can really transform people's "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" lives."

Nancy Bulbeck, of Robin Drive, Ipswich, is the charity's volunteer administrator.

She said: "When I injured my shoulder I couldn't go back to the job I was doing. I felt useless for a while so I went to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and they sent me to Age Concern Suffolk where they needed a driver to help with the lunch club.

"Volunteering has been a lifesaver. It has given me a lot of confidence and now I work two days a week here. It's a lovely job."

Age Concern Suffolk also encourages older people to volunteer. Wendy said: "We offer a phone befriending service and even if people are housebound they can volunteer for that. I'd like to encourage people to give it a go.

"It's a way to meet people, keeping active and Buy Cialis Germany having fun as well as being part of a team. We offer support throughout the volunteering process. It allows people the opportunity to try new things.